Upcoming Digitized Utilities Inventory Project

What is the Regional Early Action Planning – Utility Infrastructure Inventory Project

This project will entail the development of a comprehensive inventory of already built and future master-planned utility infrastructure supportive of housing development in the Palmdale area, including but not limited to the City of Palmdale, unincorporated LA County areas within the City, and unincorporated LA County areas adjacent to City boundaries. This project will also develop a tool to help reduce the cost of building housing and provide higher confidence in development cost estimates by providing significantly more information on existing and needed utilities than currently is available.

How is this project funded?

The City of Palmdale through its membership of the North County Transportation Coalition Joint Powers Authority (NCTC JPA) was awarded $276,000 from the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). The funding is provided through SCAG’s Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) Subregional Partnership Program.    

Project Timeline

The project is currently in the procurement process.  The schedule is forthcoming.