On Fire

Artist: Kris Holladay
Location: Palmdale City Library, 700 E Palmdale Blvd.
Installation Date: March 2021onfire.final.sealed

The City of Palmdale’s Public Art Committee is proud to present Kris Holladay’s On Fire mosaic mural at the Palmdale City Library. Four large alcoves at the library were previously identified as ideal locations for small scale public art projects by local artists. The alcove facing Sierra Highway gets extensive exposure to direct sunlight requiring a medium that was best suited to withstand those conditions on a long-term basis. The committee opted to have a mosaic mural installed, which will outlast a traditional painted mural, and used the direct selection option to choose Kris Holladay as the established local artist with a specialty in mosaic art. Kris has a particular fondness of our natural surroundings and has presented a composition of a raven resting on a Joshua tree under a full moon. The title is a reference to selection of colors used for the Joshua tree which is “hot” and in contrast with the cool blue light emitted by the moon.

The artist incorporates the use of found objects within her extensive, perpetual collection of ceramics to create a blend of assemblage/mosaic artworks in which she generally enjoys experimenting with dimensional objects. These mosaic works have a vibrant dimensionality full of color and motion, reminiscent of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. An up-close examination of her work will reveal beautiful details which further enliven her pieces. Kris works extensively with her husband, Dave Fregoso, who provides support throughout the entire process, including the prep work of grinding the edges of the tile fragments, grouting, and constructive feedback along the way.

About the Artist


Kris moved to the Antelope Valley with her husband Dave Fregoso in 1991. She has taught at Desert Winds High School, Lancaster High School and is currently teaching at R. Rex Parris High School in Palmdale, where she has been for the past 12 years. At all three schools she has been able to complete many public art works with her students through programs at MOAH and the City of Palmdale’s Parks and Recreation Department, which have been personal highlights of her teaching career. Her husband and partner has assisted in the development and installation of all of her public art projects.