2016 - Life is Better at the Park

Author: Mitchell Seyfer
Life is Better at the ParkLocation: Marie Kerr Park

Life is Better at the Park

Dawn till dusk, It’s here for us
To walk and run and have some fun
Skateboard ramps and tennis courts
Baseball diamonds, shady ports
To talk with friends or meditate
The scenery to appreciate
Barbecues and soccer fields
Sharing laughter, life and meals
Picnic baskets on the grass
Chirping birds are flying past
Enjoying sports until it’s dark
Life is better at the park

- Mitchell Seyfer

Honorable Mention

Jaden Daley, Mary Denning, Ashley Juarez, McKenna Grace, Josiah Mokelu, Napoleon Serna, Yitzel Serna, Sandra Shingleton, and Heather Urban.