Youth Artwork Contest

Youth Artwork in our Parks Banner

The City of Palmdale Parks and Recreation Department is pleased to announce our first Youth Artwork contest for our parks. Artwork will be included in wrap designs on various park cabinets. The Art Contest is open to K-5 grade students. Let your imagination run wild as you draw your favorite park activity, ultimate playground, or what you love about Palmdale Parks. Express yourself with colors, style, and creativity; most of all, have FUN. 

Artist Information

  • Students’ artwork must be original. Traced images will not be judged. It is critical that submitted artwork not be overly derivative of images found on the Internet, in print media, or elsewhere. To avoid copyright infringement, works thought to be copied will be disqualified, as will work that has been traced. 
  • Media: We can accept artwork done in crayons, ink, acrylics, pastels, watercolor, colored pencils, or color markers. Artwork in plain black or light-colored pencils will not scan correctly or be accepted. 3D work is not currently accepted.
  • Please orient the image in the direction the artwork should be viewed. All downloaded/scanned photos must meet the 300 DPI requirement.  
  • The submitted artworks belong to the City and may be used for promotional purposes in City publications or news releases without compensation to the Artist.
  • The City of Palmdale reserves the right to prohibit any individual from participating. The City prohibits and reserves the right to remove any display of material deemed by the City, in its sole discretion, offensive or controversial.

Submitting Artwork

  • The City of Palmdale Youth Artwork in the Parks Contest will open for submission in the fall of 2023. The opening date for submissions is January 8, 2023.
  • Format:  The artwork format must fit 17”x 8.31” area. Paper can be picked up at the Parks and Recreation office or measured and cut down to size using 11” x 17” paper. 
  • There are 3 different options to submit artwork:
    • Digitally. Create art digitally to the scale of 17”x 8.31” and submit via the JotForm.  
    • Submit artwork online by uploading a scanned image of the artwork created (if done on paper). Ensure the image is scanned in high quality and meets the 300 DPI requirement. 
    • Submit artwork physically. You may drop off artwork at the City of Palmdale Parks and Recreation office. The address is listed below:

City of Palmdale

Parks and Recreation Department
827 East Avenue Q-9
Palmdale, CA 93550

  • Follow directions carefully and provide all information requested on the submission form.
  • Please double-check that your submitted artwork is entered in the correct grade category! Artworks in the wrong grade category cannot be reviewed and will be disqualified.
  • Artwork must be submitted by February 13, 2023. Late entries will not be judged.


Description: This award recognizes outstanding work in each grade level category. A total of nine (9) finalists will be chosen. All eligible artworks submitted to the art contest are considered for this award.

Judging Criteria:  Criteria considered will be an interpretation of the theme (your favorite park activity, ultimate playground, or what you love about Palmdale Parks), attention to detail and originality, and the quality of the artwork and artistic skill demonstrated.