Contest a Citation

Parking citations and administrative citations can be contested.

  1. Contest a Parking Citation
  2. Contest an Administrative Citation

Contesting a parking citation is a three-step process. Please note that a request for an Initial Administrative Review must be made before a request for an Administrative Hearing.

Step 1: Request an Initial Administrative Review

You must request an initial administrative review within 21 calendar days of receiving the citation or within 14 days of receiving the Reminder Notice of Delinquent Parking Citation. 

Step 2: Request an Administrative Hearing

If you are not satisfied with the results of the initial administrative review, you may request an administrative hearing by mail (written declaration), by phone or in person. 

Step 3: Civil Court Appeal

If you are dissatisfied with the results of the administrative hearing, you may appeal the decision at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse. You must request an appeal within 30 days of the hearing officer's decision as governed by California Vehicle Code Section 40215(b).

For more information, review the procedures for contesting a parking citation [CVC Section 40215].