Partners Against Crime (PAC)

Partners Against CrimePartners Against Crime works with many multifamily properties to reduce criminal activity at the property and encourage residents to be active members in the community. The PAC program was adopted by the City of Palmdale in 1992 to stabilize neighborhoods, increase quality of life, and provide resources to owners and property managers to combat illegal activity. PAC is a partnership between the City, our local sheriff station and property managers. The formula for a successful PAC program works with teamwork between all three!

A property can become part of the team by completing three easy steps:

  1. Property managers and/or owners will attend our landlord training class where they receive:
    • Up-to-date information on applicant screening and other housing topics
    • Tips to identify and resolve criminal activity
  2. Participate in a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) property inspection
    • Learn how to minimize the opportunity for crime to occur
    • Identify and address areas of concern so residents feel safer 
  3. Hold a Neighborhood Watch meeting with residents to:
    • Provide residents with resources and information
    • Improve the sense of community within the complex

Call Public Safety at 661-267-5170 for information about the PAC program and upcoming landlord training classes. View the Partners Against Crime Brochure (PDF).