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Illegal Fireworks

The City of Palmdale, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and Los Angeles County Fire Department will be out in force every Fourth of July season to curb the use of illegal fireworks in Palmdale. 

Illegal fireworks are any fireworks that do not bear the California Fire Marshal "Safe and Sane" designation. Safe and Sane fireworks can only be used in Palmdale from noon on June 28 through noon on July 5. Any firework that shoots up in the air or explodes is illegal anywhere in the City of Palmdale.

Citation Fees

Allowing the commission, possession and/or spectating of illegal fireworks in the City of Palmdale may result in citations ranging from $2,500 to $10,000.

No Fireworks Zone

No fireworks are allowed in the Anaverde development, all areas south of the California Aqueduct, and in "No Fireworks Zone" neighborhoods which lie along the following lines: 

  • Beginning at the intersection of Rancho Vista Boulevard and 30th Street W, areas south and west of Rancho Vista Boulevard, north to Avenue N-8
  • South and west of Avenue N-8 from Rancho Vista Boulevard to 55th Street W
  • South from 55th Street West to 60th Street West (Godde Hill Road)
  • West of 55th Street West

View the Interactive Map of Palmdale's Fire Zones. When searching, enter your house number only and then select your location from the drop-down menu.

Overall map of the City No Fireworks Zone (PDF) 

Rancho Vista Westside No Fireworks Zone Map (PDF)

Report Illegal Fireworks

If you know of areas in your neighborhood where illegal fireworks are used each year, please complete the Report Illegal Fireworks form. Report Illegal Fireworks form.

or download the Recycle Coach App

This form will not generate an immediate response from the Sheriff or Fire Department. If illegal fireworks are being used now, please call the Palmdale Sheriff's Station at 272-2400 for assistance.

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