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Palmdale is an upper-middle class community with an average household income of $73,482 in 2017. Palmdale residents enjoy a comfortable hometown feel with a strong family orientation, excellent education system and abundant recreational opportunities in a safe environment.

In 1986, the population of the City of Palmdale was 23,350. Today, Palmdale is a thriving community with over 167,398 residents. 


Over 100 years ago, when land in the Antelope Valley sold for fifty cents an acre, a group of Swiss and German families migrated from the Midwest and named their new community Palmenthal. Affordable housing, excellent schools and over 300 days a year of smog-free blue sky contribute to an exceptional lifestyle. 

Despite its growth, Palmdale continues to cherish the small-town values of a family-oriented community while enjoying all of the conveniences of a thriving metropolitan area.