Legislative Affairs

The City recognizes the need for active legislative engagement at the local, state, and federal levels to protect and enhance the interests of Palmdale’s residents and businesses. Throughout the year, the State Legislature and United States Congress propose and enact legislation, some of which affect local municipal government. The City actively monitors state and federal legislation and takes appropriate action, when required, to protect the City’s interests and local legislative authority.

Legislative Affairs serves as the point of coordination of state and federal legislative policy and the City's advocacy. Recognizing the importance of promoting Palmdale’s priorities and legislative initiatives, the City works closely with the League of California Cities and contracted government advocacy firms to inform the City about proposed legislation that could positively or negatively impact the City.

The City Council also adopts an annual federal legislative agenda, which serves as the foundation for the City’s advocacy strategy:

The 2024 Legislative Agenda will be presented to the City Council on December 20, 2023

View the 2019 Legislative Agenda

View the 2018  Legislative Agenda

State Legislation

Legislative Session 2024-2025

Legislative Session 2023-2024