Antelopes on Parade

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Artists: Lori Antoinette, Xochilt Garcia, Debbie Haeberle, Kierstyn SwannPainted Antelope Sculpture
Location: See locations below by artist
Installation Date: September 2020

The City of Palmdale’s Public Art Program and the Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH) collaborated on the current iteration of Antelopes on Parade, which celebrates the richness of the Antelope Valley region by inviting local artists to create original artworks on fiberglass pronghorn antelope sculptures. Last year’s selection committee selected eight designs (four for the City of Palmdale and four for the City of Lancaster) to be produced by local artists and put on display in the two cities.

Completed antelope sculptures made their debut in window displays on October 3, 2020 at the Antelope Valley Art Gallery in Palmdale and the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster.

Palmdale's antelopes are on display in the following locations:

  • Kierstyn Swann: "Pearblossom Antelope" (City of Palmdale Development Services Lobby)
  • Debbie Haeberle: "When The Stars Come Out" (City of Palmdale Development Services Lobby)
  • Lori Antoinette: "Mandala Antelope" (Marie Kerr Recreation Center Lobby)
  • Xochilt Garcia: "Modern Mars I" (Oasis Park Recreation Center Lobby)

The project is based on the 1999 City of Chicago Cows on Parade public art initiative. A concept originally conceived by Beat Seeberger-Quin of Switzerland during the summer of 1998 begat a worldwide model whereby cities host parades of animals, fruits, objects, symbols – whatever represents them best as a community. The colorful antelopes symbolize the history and heritage of the valley region through the imagination and creative talents of local artists and is a great opportunity to play to our namesake while providing a platform to learn more about the pronghorn.


The City of Palmdale's #PalmdaleCares campaign launched a local business scavenger hunt on May 24, 2021, National Scavenger Hunt Day, giving participants the opportunity to locate 12 painted miniature antelopes on display throughout the City. The following businesses and artist participated in this initiative:Antelopes on Parade

AR Workshop: "Jewels In The Sky" by Edwin Vasquez
George's Cleaners & Laundry: "Untitled" by Corey Bobrosky
Manantial Frozen Treats: "Desert Flowers" by Marthe Aponte
Trio Coffee House: "Untitled" by Myles Goethe
Lucky Luke Brewing: "Pronghorn Raven" by Tina Dille
Kleen Sweep Pool & Spa Supplies: "Change" by Melanie Santizo
The Squeaky Wheel Bike Shop: "Untitled" by Jonathan Ramirez
Rosita's Pet Store: "Untitled" by Renato De Guia
MV BBQ & Burgers: "Desert Flowers" by Sadie Howe
Sweet Frog: "Kalidalope" by Chris Minsal
Waffle Kitchen: "Night-Sky" by Julia and Veronica Barnes
Jon Smith Subs: Flying Into The Future" by Mya Howe